Advantages of Paverdeck Plank

Advantages of Paverdeck Plank

When it comes to transforming an existing wood or composite deck into a maintenance-free stone deck there are some pretty cool products on the market are making it possible both efficiently and cost effectively. The same goes for building a new stone deck, and these products don’t rely on the old outdated techniques of excavation and granular compaction. One such product is Paverdeck Plank. Let’s look at the advantages of Paverdeck Plank and better understand the product.

Paverdeck Plank is manufactured by Evolutiondeck and was created to follow their Paverdeck System. Unlike the Paverdeck System that is specifically designed to be used for new builds, the advantage of Paverdeck Plank is it can not only retro fit an existing deck but can be used to create a new stone deck. Originally Paverdeck Plank was called Tiledeck, but the name was changed allowing it to follow the Paverdeck brand and to ensure it was not pigeonholed it into only being perceived as to be used for tiles.

Another one of the advantages of Paverdeck Plank is that the panels comes 6″ x 48″ weighing 6 lbs and cover 2 sq ft. The panels make for coinvent and cost-effective shipping and are easy to handle. So, if your new stone deck happens to be a second story balcony with limited access – hand bombing the panels through the house is a non-issue.

Paverdeck Plank is made of galvanized steel and is designed to work with wood or metal framing; creating any style or shape of stone deck is possible. The steel planks cut easily and can be done so using a 4″ angle grinder with an abrasive wheel or any saw or tool designed for cutting steel. When it comes to converting an existing wood or composite deck, one advantage of Paverdeck Plank is it can work with both 12″ and 16″ on center framing. For whatever reason, homeowners like to build decks 12″ on center which makes converting that configuration somewhat challenging for some to the other products on the market.

Offering an industry leading 20-year standard warranty is yet another one of the advantages of Paverdeck Plank, ensuring customers have confidence when using this product.

Paverdeck Plank creates a sturdy all weather subfloor that significantly reduces the amount of water and moisture that migrates through and onto the wood or metal framing. This can be completely eliminated by simply putting a small bead of silicone between planks upon installation. And to highlight yet another advantage of Paverdeck Plank – you don’t need to add a waterproof membrane to create a dry area underneath your new stone deck.

If you are able to build a wood deck, you can certainly build a stone deck using the Paverdeck Plank system. Stainless steel self-drilling screws are used to install the planks onto the wood or metal framing. This means there is no need to predrill the planks and the stainless-steel screws ensure there is no negative reaction between the metal and chemicals used to preserve the pressure treated wood.

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of Paverdeck Plank is that it is made in Canada, using Canadian steel. During these challenging times in 2020, there is no better satisfaction than supporting our Canadian economy and workers.

The advantages of Paverdeck Plank make creating that stone deck a breeze. A stone deck offers value to your home and gives you peace of mind that this new extension of your home will last a lifetime and require little maintenance allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living space without worries.