Creating Beautiful Hardscapes with Landmark Ceramics Porcelain Tiles

This summer, as Canadians are spending their downtime closer to home, many are investing in their outdoor living spaces, making their home a more enjoyable place to spend their time.

The outrageous price of wood aside, many are seeking more upscale and durable solutions as they build or upgrade their decks, patios and pool areas. Rather than using composite or overpriced wood as a deck covering, outdoor porcelain tiles are seeing a surge in popularity. Stunningly attractive, outdoor tiles are a great alternative, with numerous benefits to be had including greater enjoyment of your space and adding value to one’s home. 

With outdoor porcelain tiles, you can forget about needing to maintain and repair your deck, especially if you have chosen metal framing underneath it. Suddenly there’s no need to re-stain or seal it every couple of years or replace warped and cracked boards. Rather than seasonal repair and maintenance, simply hose it off occasionally with a power washer. Porcelain tiles will last a lifetime, meaning you’ll spend more time on your deck, rather than fixing it. 

Porcelain tiles also make an interesting substitute for concrete patios around the pool. Sure, stamped concrete is nice, but porcelain tiles offer an upscale look worthy of the finest five-star resorts. Available with a variety of slip-resistant finishes, porcelain tiles are an ideal choice for safe outdoor surfaces.

Landmark Ceramics’ Frontier20 porcelain tiles are an excellent option for anyone looking to take their outdoor deck or patio to a whole new level. This high-end porcelain pavers collection is designed to create architectural landscapes in both residential and commercial spaces. A unique product, Frontier20 combines exceptional aesthetic features with the strong technical performance expected of the best porcelain pavers.

Frontier20 porcelain pavers are endowed with unique strength and hardness, capable of resisting external abrasions and boasting incredible load-bearing abilities. They are resistant to both frost and thermal shock, and easily stand up to salt damage, moss & mould, scratches, stains and fading. Strong enough to be used for driveways, their uses are nearly limitless. Install them anywhere you want a hard surface, and enjoy their beauty, durability and minimal maintenance for years to come. 

As well as being perfect for a vast range of applications, Frontier20 also offers installation versatility. Install it on a traditional sand and substrate foundation, mortared bed or even grass for an eco-friendly, permeable solution. These high-quality outdoor ceramic tiles can be installed around the most intricate landscaping features and are offered with a complete range of special trim pieces to seamlessly complete and accentuate the landscaping of your outdoor space. Frontier20 porcelain pavers are also available in a variety of sizes in both square and oblong proportions, ensuring complete freedom in every design project. Not limited to a natural stone appearance, Frontier20 tiles are also offered in woodgrain, quartz, slate, limestone or concrete finishes, giving you the design effect you want, with the additional benefits of natural stone. 

The Frontier20 product from Landmark Ceramics offers important ecological benefits too. Completely recyclable, porcelain is also odourless, hygienic, and hypoallergenic; and does not release any harmful substances into the air or soil. Frontier20 porcelain tiles are environmentally friendly, easy to remove & re-use, and can be laid without the use of adhesives, making them a socially responsible choice.

From deck surfaces to poolside, driveways, walkways terraces, and rooftop patios, Frontier20 porcelain tiles will provide outdoor beauty, functionality, and performance to any application you can dream up. Sure to add a new dimension to your outdoor living space and take your hardscapes to new heights, the Frontier20 collection of outdoor porcelain tiles deliver beauty, functionality, and performance.