How Metal Framing can Make your Deck Last a Lifetime

Canadians love spending time on their deck, but the constant upkeep can be frustrating. From needing to stain it every couple of years to replacing rotted or insect-ridden wood, keeping your deck in its best condition is both expensive and a lot of work. Metal framing is a great way to make your deck last a lifetime, letting you spend more time on your deck rather than maintaining it. 

When building a deck the old-fashioned way with wood, you can expect several major repairs or rebuilds throughout its lifetime, as lumber typically deteriorates within about ten years. Continually combatting the ravages of outdoor conditions, wood decks need regular ongoing maintenance and repairs. From regular sanding and staining to repairing rotted or damaged boards, wood decks can be a lot of work. All that upkeep adds up in time and money. You’ll save plenty of both when you opt for metal framing for your deck. A metal-framed deck will save you time and money, every year, for a lifetime.

When constructing a deck, its structure is just as important as your choice of deck surfacing. A deck should be built on the strongest and most durable structure possible. The Bailey Truedeck steel-based framing system will help you create the best possible foundation for your decking material. More durable than pressure-treated wood, a Bailey Truedeck metal deck will not warp or shrink the way wood does and will stand the test of time against the elements, insects, and rot. 

Truedeck metal decking structures will help you build a deck to last a lifetime, with minimal care. Constructed of high-quality galvanized steel, Bailey Truedeck resists corrosion and significantly outlasts wood and composite alternatives. Exceptionally durable, Truedeck is non-combustible, termite and vermin-proof and stands up against Canadian weather. Since Truedeck structures do not shrink, split, swell, rot or warp, your deck will remain level, with no need to sand, stain, protect, repair or rebuild it. 

These days, with the price of lumber skyrocketing, one might find it cost-prohibitive to build a deck this year. Astonishingly, the cost of building or framing a deck with metal is now equal to or even less expensive than wood. This means that you can now construct a deck that will last a lifetime for the same price or less than wood! 

This is a great time to invest in the benefits of metal framing, at the same price as wood while enjoying the dividends for decades. When you choose metal over wood for your deck, this may be the last deck you’ll ever need to build. Factor in the current pricing of wood and a metal deck is the smart choice financially, as well as in terms of time and labour. Build it once and forget about maintenance every few years. Now you can spend less time maintaining your deck, and more time enjoying it. 

While making improvements to your outdoor living space is sure to increase your enjoyment of your home and yard, it also adds value to your home. From landscaping to hardscapes and beautiful design, your home’s value will only go up. Much like a metal roof, a metal-framed deck means a lifetime without repairs and replacements, which is sure to be an appealing feature should you ever decide to sell your home. 

When you’re ready to build a deck or upgrade your existing one, you can eliminate regular maintenance and rebuilding when you choose Truedeck metal framing. Truedeck metal deck framing will help you to build a deck for life. Simple to install, and requiring minimal upkeep, Bailey Truedeck is your ideal choice when building a deck, giving you the freedom to enjoy your deck instead of spending countless hours and dollars on deck maintenance and repairs.