How To Maximize Your Backyard Using Porcelain Pavers

Whether you’re seeking to increase your enjoyment of your home’s outdoor living space or trying to get the highest return on a property flip, porcelain pavers are the way to go. 

Durable, affordable and versatile enough to offer unlimited design options, porcelain pavers can completely transform the look of your outdoor living space. Easy to install and a great DIY project, porcelain pavers will help you maximize your backyard’s potential while adding to your home’s value. Here are a few great ways to get the most from porcelain pavers. 

Simulate the Look of Luxurious Marble with White Porcelain Pavers. 

White porcelain pavers offer the look of luxury on a not-so-luxurious budget. Simulating the appearance of marble, white porcelain pavers offer the durability, stain-resistance, slip-resistance and affordability of porcelain while providing an upscale appeal.

Use your white porcelain pavers on decks & patios, rooftops or even walkways. White porcelain pavers are perfect for creating a luxurious-looking pool deck thanks to their slip-resistant properties. 

Create The Illusion of More Space

Who doesn’t want a bigger yard? Porcelain pavers can’t make your backyard physically bigger, but the right colour choices can make it feel and appear larger, just as with clothing and paint colours.

While white isn’t for everyone, porcelain pavers in light grey can help create the illusion of more space and add dimension. The lighter colours reflect the sun’s rays, making your yard seem brighter and bigger. The light colours will also contrast with your green grass, giving your outdoor living space a sleek sense and feel. 

Add to Your Home’s Outdoor Living Space

Porcelain pavers are the ideal surface for outdoor living areas. From outdoor kitchens and backyard pool decks to beautiful entertaining spaces, porcelain pavers add class and modernity to your yard. From backyard barbeques and pool parties to movie nights on the patio, your porcelain deck will quickly become the focal point of quiet evenings and weekend get-togethers. 

Porcelain pavers offer a simple, classic look. Most porcelain colour schemes are designed to pair well with the colours of other outdoor features and materials. Requiring little maintenance, you need not worry about staining or discolouration – simply power wash occasionally to restore them to their freshly installed good looks. 

Add a Feeling of Calm Serenity

Colour can provoke a variety of moods. Porcelain pavers are available in virtually any colour or can replicate other materials like wood, marble or other stone. Transform your yard into a calming oasis with soft earth tones like sand-coloured porcelain pavers. Pair them with greenery, perhaps natural wood fencing or privacy walls and enjoy a sense of peace. 

Add matching pool copings to ramp up the appeal, creating a spa-like atmosphere and making your pool deck appear even larger, or opt for contrasting porcelain pavers for a chic and modern appearance. 

When you’re ready to bring your outdoor living space to life, has the materials to make the job easier, saving you time, labour and money. When porcelain pavers are used in conjunction with a pedestal system, installation is easy enough for most DIY’er, delivering professional-grade results. If you’d like to learn more about our innovative deck products, including porcelain pavers and pedestals, visit today!