Is there a Snow-Melting Driveway/Walkway or Outdoor Patio in Your Future?

Like most Canadians, you’re probably sick of shovelling snow already. Whether you’re looking to give your back a break, or simply seeking safer walkways and outdoor surfaces, it might be time to consider snow-melting hardscapes around your home. 

Thanks to a variety of innovations in the driveway, decking and hardscape industries, it is now easy to create heated outdoor surfaces on your property. The current design and engineering now make what was previously impossible, relatively straightforward while saving you money and reducing associated labour too.  If the idea of decreased workloads and lower costs grabs your attention, read on. 

When one imagines a new deck or driveway, one usually imagines it in use during the summer months. By planning ahead and using the right materials, you can now envision them in use all year round. With the right plan, you can prepare to leave shovelling behind, and even make use of your deck or patio during the winter months. 

A deck, patio, walkway or driveway constructed with a pedestal & porcelain tile system offers the ability to integrate a heating system into your hardscapes. Thanks to the functional and accessible space below, created by the pedestal system, you’ll find it easy to run insulated electrical heating cables or hydronic PEX tubing with aluminum heat plates. Pedestal systems offer plenty of clearance so that you can customize your heating project to your liking, without compromise. Whether you’re heating an entire space or merely a path, you’ll have the flexibility to choose. They can even be installed as a DIY project, with no need for a licensed electrician until your final connection to the electrical panel. 

Even if you don’t install one right from the start, you can add a heating system later because pedestals make access easy, leaving no tell-tale signs of repairs. Quite different from systems of old, a pedestal system offers easy access when you need to access the equipment below. If you need to repair a heating element or other component, simply lift the porcelain tile above.

 Thermally efficient and extremely heat-conductive, porcelain tiles offer lower energy costs than concrete alternatives. In addition, they provide anti-slip properties for added safety along with extreme weather and wear resistance. Strong enough to bear enormous weight, porcelain pavers are ideal for driveways, walkways and patios alike. Non-porous, porcelain tiles will keep your projects looking as good as the day they were installed. 

When you choose to build with a pedestal/porcelain solution, you’ll enjoy a variety of other benefits, which will also save you money and labour. Forget about needing a truck and/or heavy equipment access, lightweight porcelain tiles can be carried and installed almost anywhere. Use them to build a patio or deck in places that were once unthinkable, even on your rooftop; those rooftop patio dreams come to life easier than you’d imagine.

Owners of investment properties are finding heated outdoor surfaces exceptionally useful. Lowering commercial snow removal service costs, these systems pay off over time in both labour and money. With a heated patio, deck, or even an outdoor fireplace, your outdoor living space will become a place for your family to gather all year round, adding to your home’s value and your enjoyment of it. 

As well as leaving the chore of shovelling snow behind, hardscapes constructed with pedestal systems are safer, making them ideal for walkways, decks & patios and driveways. Because porcelain pavers & tiles drain quickly, they leave behind no standing water.

 Easy to install, versatile and economical, say goodbye to shoveling snow and hello to pedestal & porcelain paver systems. Contact StoneDeck today to learn more about our products that can help you to eliminate snow and ice removal from your winter routine, and enjoy your deck or patio all year round.