Now is the Time for a Metal Deck

It’s no surprise that Canadians from coast to coast love their deck time. After dealing with brutal winter months, our summers, while short and sweet are best spent with family and friends on a deck. 

These days most Canadians are staying closer to home, putting the idea of building a deck higher on their list of projects for this year. Let’s face it; as we embrace the idea of staycations, a deck in our own backyard is an appealing one. Countless numbers of homeowners are making their homes a more enjoyable place to spend time, driving lumber prices sky-high. Despite the price of wood climbing to prices never imagined, demand is further impacting the situation. Not only has the cost to build a wood deck skyrocketed, but it can also be difficult to get your hands on the lumber you need.

Your deck’s frame can be constructed with metal, aluminum or wood. In the past, most people simply went with wood because of its price and dealt with its upkeep, repairs and replacement every few years. However, the situation has changed over the past year. Pricing and supply issues have made right now the ideal time to go with metal framing for your deck, instead of wood. Surprisingly, metal framing now costs less than wood and is readily available; making it easy to build a deck on your timeline, while saving you money in the process. 

Until recently the cost to frame a deck with pressure-treated lumber was $3 to $5 per sq-ft. Over the past year, that number has soared to $6 per sq-ft. Likewise, 2”x8” lumber now costs $3.20 per linear foot on average. These prices are now on par with the cost of metal deck framing, which costs $6 per sq-ft and $3.17 per linear foot. It may be hard to believe, but metal deck framing now costs less than wood!

Bailey Truedeck is an example of metal framing that can replace wood. Very easy to assemble, it comes pre-cut to the exact length required. Thanks to the system’s longer spans, it requires fewer footings – saving you time, work and money. Bailey Truedeck is made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel and is rot and insect-proof. Another option to consider is Paverdeck Planks, another metal decking platform system designed to work with stone/concrete pavers or porcelain tiles as your decking surface. 

Metal deck framing offers numerous advantages over wood. Engineered to last a lifetime, metal framing is low maintenance, and won’t need to be rebuilt in a few years. It will not shrink or warp, providing you with a flatter base for your decking materials. Greener than pressure-treated wood, Bailey Truedeck is not treated with chemicals and insecticides, offering you a more environmentally friendly option. It can be used in new builds, or to replace your existing wood framing, leaving you with a deck that lasts a lifetime.   

Another great way to reduce deck maintenance is to choose natural stone or porcelain decking materials. Stone offers the convenience and savings of a virtually maintenance-free deck that will last a lifetime. Impervious to the elements, it only looks better with age, and is easy to clean with a simple swipe of a power washer.

Great back yards begin with a great deck. Whether you’re looking to increase your enjoyment of your outdoor living space, entertain friends & family or simply kick back with a cold one, a deck is an integral part of the Canadian summer experience. With a metal-framed deck, you’ll spend more time enjoying your deck rather than maintaining it.