Seven Deck & Patio Design Trends for 2022

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that our homes are not large enough for home offices, remote learning and the entire family at home all day, every day. For those not working from home, staycations can be dull in a boring back yard. To rectify the situation, many homeowners are upgrading their outdoor living spaces, making them more functional, relaxing and desirable places to escape to. 

Decks and patios are becoming extensions of the home in ways we’ve never quite seen before. From outdoor offices to rooftop patios, there is a lot to get excited about when it comes to patio and deck design. We’ve outlined the top 7 trends in deck and patio design for 2022; trends that are guaranteed to inspire your next project. 

Outdoor Offices – People who have transitioned to a Work From Home (WFH) situation are discovering the joys of outdoor office space. By investing in their outdoor living space and upgrading their decks and patios, that coveted corner office with a window just got trumped by a great view of the entire backyard. Be prepared for jealous co-workers as they enviously eye your new office during Zoom meetings. 

Outdoor Kitchens – This trend from 2021 continues to build momentum! More than just your everyday BBQ, outdoor kitchens come in a variety of flavours. From outdoor bread or pizza ovens to completely independent outdoor kitchens, in 2022 we’re taking the indoors outside for some much-needed breathing room. Pro Tip: Outdoor kitchens look best on a natural stone, ceramic or porcelain deck surface. 

Gardens – Between the rapidly increasing cost of food and the sheer bliss & satisfaction of growing your own, Canadians are turning to gardening in droves. Don’t have much outdoor living space? Don’t worry! You can garden almost anywhere, including vertical gardens, containers even rooftops. For 2022, people are building planters & permanent raised beds, many right into their deck or patio. Pro Tip: This works best when your patio is constructed of materials that will not rot, such as porcelain tiles with metal decking underneath it all. 

Rooftop Patios – When your outdoor space is limited, look up! Thanks to the magic of adjustable pedestals, constructing a rooftop deck or patio has never been so easy, even on a sloped roof. Your rooftop patio will be the envy of the neighbourhood, with the best views of the city. Pedestals also make it possible to combine two of 2022’s hottest trends and create a rooftop garden. 

Longer-Lasting Materials – In this age of sustainability, constructing your outdoor living space with longer-lasting, more durable materials is on-trend. From environmentally-sustainable products like metal and natural stone to materials that do not to be replaced every fifteen years, decks and patios can now be built with minimal environmental imprint. 

Four-Season Retreats – Summer in Canada is short, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor living space year-round. Stone decks and patios offer exceptional slip resistance, are perfect around an outdoor fireplace or hot tub and can be constructed with snow-melting capabilities. Add a roof, and your patio or deck life can be extended throughout all four seasons, even in Canada. 

High-Quality Materials – One major trend in 2022 is the use of high-quality traditional landscaping materials including granites and natural stone. These are being used in conjunction with tough, man-made and engineered materials like steel. The goal is a timeless, natural aesthetic, constructed on a foundation that will outlast and outperform previous trends like wood; which can rot, bow or shift. Looking for more great deck and patio design ideas? Check out for smart solutions that will help you to improve your outdoor living space while saving time, labour and money.