Silca SoilGrid – How It Works

Getting it Right the First Time

Spring has an uncanny way of revealing our imperfections, and this is most evident when it comes to outdoor hardscapes. Even when your outdoor patio or other hardscape installation appears level and properly installed, the following spring is when you’ll discover that things are not as they seem. After undergoing a relentless series of freeze & thaw cycles, those perfectly positioned patio stones, bricks & porcelain pavers are now a mess; often buckling or no longer level. 

In the past, the way to avoid this was to excavate as deeply as 12” before filling it with crushed stone or sand. This would usually ensure a surface that was relatively level and would remain so for a few years. This method was both labour intensive and expensive, with results sometimes unpredictable.

These days there are better solutions that make a miserable chore not only easier but also more affordable. Cutting-edge innovations like Silca SoilGrid are one of these solutions. Silca SoilGrid makes it easy to install porcelain pavers, concrete pavers, brick, or natural stone in the ground, even on sloped surfaces. 

Silca SoilGrid – How It Works

Creating a heavy-duty and permeable base stabilization, Silca SoilGrid reduces settling issues while offering a wide load distribution. In short, it reinforces the ground surface without sealing it. Specifically engineered for in-ground applications, by stabilizing the base materials during your hardscape installation, Silca SoilGrid helps to eliminate the disruption caused by heaving and settling pavers.

The end result is hardscapes that remain stronger and level year after year; with less labour and at a lower cost. Ideal for patios, parking, driveways, paths or even concrete replacement, the Silca SoilGrid system enables easy ground reinforcement in a fully permeable manner while allowing nearly unlimited design options with modern pavers. 

Other Benefits of Choosing Silca SoilGrid

  • Making installation quick and straightforward, Silca SoilGrids are sold in pre-connected sheets which can be cut to size and shape.
  • Giving you complete design freedom, these grids will work with a variety of fill materials.
  • It couldn’t be easier! Large areas can be installed by a single person and there is no need for heavy construction equipment. Whether you’re a contractor or a DIY’er, Silca SoilGrid is the ideal solution. 
  • The permeability of the grids makes them easier and faster to level when you choose sand as your fill material. It also helps to avoid drainage and infrastructure issues that can lead to flooding. 
  • The Silca SoilGrid heavy-duty linking grid system brings greater stability to your base materials, creating stronger hardscapes. Completed Silca SoilGrid installations are even strong enough to support vehicular traffic!
  • Backed by a 20-year warranty, Silca SoilGrids are unbreakable, weather-proof and UV-resistant.

Save Time & Money

Silca SoilGrid will give you better results, with less work and for less money. By excavating only half as deeply as other methods require, you’ll require less labour, less disposal effort & cost, and less sand or aggregate needed as fill. Time is money and the Silca SoilGrid system cuts your excavation time in half, providing further savings, as much as 50% on the excavation and up to 40% in labour costs. Finally, you’ll save plenty of time in the future when you won’t need to deal with the shifting and settling of pavers, or if you are a contractor, warranty call-backs. 

Build stronger hardscapes that remain level year after year while saving time, labour, and money. Choose Silca SoilGrid for your in-ground projects and reap the benefits of solid, long-lasting results that save you time, labour, and money!