Silca System

We all want our homes to look their best and building a maintenance free deck is a great way to beautify your space and increase the value of your home. However, without a strong, supportive base or weather-resistant surface, you may find yourself with a sunken patio or deteriorating deck.

One of the best things about using the StoneDeks Silca System is that you can build your stone deck right on top of your existing deck frame and joists. Plus, it’s exceptionally strong, coming with Canadian engineering reports signed off for each province. The hexagonal underlayment is made from thick engineered polymer and provides support every two inches. Homeowners or contractors can create a stone, porcelain or paver deck without worrying about the heavy weight of stone pieces or pavers.

So, what exactly is the Silca System? Simply put, the Silca System is a way to create a stone deck or revitalize and rejuvenate your existing wood or composite deck, without any major demolition work. Manufactured from high-quality, recycled plastics, the Silca System is essentially an exoskeleton for your deck allowing you to transition from wood to stone or porcelain surfaces with ease. The key is the hexagonally shaped foundation of the grates, which help to evenly distribute the weight and balance surface materials simultaneously. Once this framework is in place, you can quickly and easily start installing your stone of choice overtop. Thanks to Silca System you have just transformed your deck from wood or composite to stone in a short amount of time.

Silca System was actually designed, tested and produced to change the impossible back into the possible. You can now build, with stone, pavers or porcelain, on elevated framed structures such as patios, balconies or rooftops. The relatively low cost of a Silca System fits easily within most budgets, helping to bridge the gap between a luxurious feel and modest overhead. And design options are literally limited only by your own imagination! You can now use pavers, stone and porcelain as the walking surface to literally every space imaginable: walkways, porches, decks, pool surrounds, balconies and many more!

Silca System makes finishing your elevated raised deck a breeze no matter what the height. Whether you want a beautiful deck off your first-floor kitchen or an elevated deck off your family room where you might have a basement entrance underneath, Silca System can handle the job.

No elevated deck would be complete without a stairway or two.  With Silca System you can match the beautiful deck with a stone staircase that accents your deck design. Creating a visually stunning stone staircase can seamlessly connect the rest of your hardscape and landscape design.

Wooden pool decks can take a ton of wear and tear.  With Silca System you can create a beautiful stone deck around your pool that looks amazing and is easy to maintain.

A gazebo can be a beautiful backyard centerpiece.  Now imagine a gorgeous stone design covering the entire base – both top and sides – thanks to Silca System.

Simply put, Silca System is a sub-flooring system that is installed on top of pre-existing or newly built wood or metal deck joists. Doing so allows your deck to support any type of stone or paver you’d like. Silca System can help you transform your wood or composite deck into a beautiful, durable and low-maintenance stone deckNot only is it strong and beautiful but it’s also made with recycled materials proving to be environmentally friendly. Made in the USA, Silca System comes with a 20 year residential and 10 year commercial warranty. Check out the cost of a Silca system today and enjoy the Stone Deck Innovations