Take Your Deck to a Whole New Level with These Great Deck Features

A deck is not just a deck. As people extend their living space to the exterior of their property, a deck becomes a way to express their personality while offering a fresh experience supported by the creature comforts they enjoy indoors. 

It’s not hard to imagine your deck as the focal point of your entertaining space. To really get people’s attention, you’ll need to combine form with function – ensuring your outdoor living space is where friends and family want to gather all season long. 

Here are a few great ways to take your deck to a whole new level, making it more comfortable, functional, and fun, whether for daily life or entertaining.

Shade – Depending on your deck’s sun exposure, you’ll want some shade on your deck. From arbours to pergolas, there are plenty of options available to create shade and avoid the intensity of mid-afternoon sun. Try hanging plants from above – they’ll love the sunlight while protecting you from it. You might also consider sun shades or shade sails that offer UV protection and heat resistance. 

Privacy – A raised deck has a great view of all your neighbour’s backyards, but they can see you too. Deck privacy panels or screens will give you the privacy you need. These can be installed as permanent structures or portable options for more flexibility. In a pinch? Consider large plants positioned in key areas.   

Green Decks – You can quickly transform part or all of your deck into a green deck with the help of a pedestal system. These systems offer excellent drainage and the ability to integrate irrigation systems and are simple enough for any DIY’er to install. 

Built-In Features – Built-in features are more straightforward when implemented into a new deck build but not impossible. Depending on the size of your deck, you might consider a firepit, outdoor kitchen, pizza oven, benches, or planter boxes installed. You’ll truly be making the most of your outdoor living area and extending your home’s usable space. 

New Surface – Your deck doesn’t need to be limited to boring wood planks. The latest innovations in decking materials make it relatively easy to resurface your deck with luxurious yet affordable porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are virtually maintenance-free and, just like new floors inside your home, can completely transform the look of your deck. If you are limited with space and cannot add larger features like an outdoor kitchen or firepit, perhaps resurfacing your deck will give you the change you’re looking for. 

Hot Tub – Useful all year round, your deck is a great place for a hot tub. Don’t forget to add some privacy features and maybe some outdoor lighting for moonlight soaks.

Winter Utility – There are a variety of things you can do to make your deck more useful during the winter months. Consider a heated floor system, an outdoor fireplace, and some protection from the wind. Your deck will be just as functional as an entertaining space on New Year’s Eve as it is on any summer weekend. Take your outdoor living space to new heights, and make your deck the crown jewel of your home. Need help, materials or ideas? Visit Stone Deck Innovations – Canada’s deck life experts or reach out to us directly.