Taking Your Office Outside

Outdoor work space

With working from home becoming the new normal for many people, some have realized that their home is not the ideal place to get work done. Whether noisy kids in the background of a Zoom call to cramped living quarters and having to set up shop on the kitchen table, the challenges of working from home take some getting used to. 

Before the pandemic, many people did not have a home office. It didn’t take long to discover that the key to getting work done is a quiet place that they enjoyed, and they would need to find better solutions to make the WFH lifestyle work for them. 

Finding enough space and a quiet zone to concentrate has become a priority. Renovating or building an addition isn’t an option for most, so people are turning their attention to their outdoor living space. Working from your deck or patio beats an office with a window on any day, and your colleagues are sure to notice during daily virtual meetings. 

Time spent in green spaces has been shown to improve attention and mood while promoting physical activity. Other benefits of working from your deck or patio include peace & quiet, a sense of well-being and a nice breeze. Suddenly work becomes something to look forward to. 

If your home does not already have a pleasant outdoor living area, you’ll need to create one. After all, working from a lawn chair in the yard is sure to cause neck and back pain and lose its appeal quickly. Constructing a proper workspace on your deck or patio is crucial to making it work long term. 

Transforming your existing space into an attractive and efficient outdoor office is a worthwhile, easily achievable goal. After hours, your deck or patio then becomes available for other activities. From a comfortable place for your family to gather to a fun place to entertain, you’re sure to enjoy this additional living space. 

Working from home suddenly becomes much more enjoyable from your deck or patio. You can even extend the season with some shielding from the weather. Consider adding a roof, a way to block the wind or even a propane heater. It is not unreasonable to think you could use this extra office space three seasons a year with these additional features. Suddenly your deck has become your new company headquarters, three seasons a year. 

The latest innovations in hardscaping construction materials make it relatively easy for those still thinking about adding a backyard patio or deck to their outdoor living space. 

When constructing a new patio, soil grid products like GatorBase can help you build a level patio that resists freeze & thaw cycles in a weekend. GatorBase eliminates the need for deep excavation, reducing your workload and saving you money at the same time. 

If you’re looking to build a deck, we have some helpful ideas. Consider using PaverDeck Plank, which can help you overhaul your existing deck or quickly create a maintenance-free deck.

For a stylish, slip-free, and low-maintenance surface option, Porcelain pavers like the Frontier20 Porcelain Pavers from Landmark Ceramics can be just the thing you need.  If you’re dealing with an uneven surface or considering using rooftop space, adjustable pedestals like the Uptec system by Profilitec can make what was previously unthinkable remarkably easy. 

When working from home, almost anything goes when creating office space. Why not take your office outdoors? When your office is on your deck or patio, that 5-second commute is sure to grow on you. If working from home is becoming a long-term situation, investing in your surroundings and creating the perfect outdoor workspace will pay dividends, increasing the value of your home and your enjoyment of it too.