Uptec Pedestal System

Uptec Pedestal System

Spending more time at home is definitely the theme of 2020. Because of this, people want to make their homes and outdoor environment as beautiful and useful as possible. Many of us live in cities, where our properties are typically limited, so the trend is to build up rather than out. With this trend, rooftop decks and patios are becoming more the norm. The Uptec Pedestal System is one product that is perfect for this application.

What is the Uptec Pedestal System, also known as a pedestal paver system? The term generally refers to pedestal supports used to raise tiles or pavers off the existing roof surface to create an elevated deck. When using a pedestal system, attaching it to the roofing membrane does not affect the integrity of it and allows for free-flowing drainage of water on roofs. It can also easily work around any mechanical systems that may be present of the roof itself.

The Uptec Pedestal System is manufactured by Profilitec and uses a unique installation system for floating or raised floors. The Uptec Pedestal System is an adjustable pedestal that is simple and easy to use, since it utilizes only three key elements, as well as a range of useful accessories. Most competitor pedestal systems require multiple parts to overcome the various heights required, making the layout of components quite challenging.

The Uptec Pedestal System has three main components, including a self-levelling or fixed head to allow installation of floors at any height, or even on sloped surfaces up to 5%. The SUPAL is recommended for lower heights, allowing you to raise the flooring system from 28 mm to a maximum level of 43 mm. It can accommodate any of the Uptec Pedestal System accessories.

The SUPAS is the standard pedestal allowing for adjustment of the raised floor between 43mm and 58mm. Use the 2mm or 4mm spacers when installing pavers or porcelain tiles and the SUPAW head for attaching wood/steel beams or joists. Pre-drilled holes allow water to flow out and pre-cut lines make it easy to cut the pedestal on corners or perimeters.

The SUPAR is a modular extension ring which is stackable and can be used with the SUPAS standard pedestal. The SUPAR can be stacked as needed to establish the desired height and takes much of the guess work out of the layout. You simply have to add a SUPAR ring when your SUPAS pedestal is too short!

There are numerous benefits to the Uptec Pedestal System. They are incredibly versatile, easy to use and the patented Uptec system of only three components makes it truly simplistic. The added flexibility of the self-levelling head allows you to reach up to a 5% slope and the simple switch mechanism allows you the ability to lock the head in place – a perfect solution for working around the perimeters! The Uptec Pedestal Tabs utilize sound dampening rubber can be easily switched between standard installation or wood/steel joists.

The Uptec Pedestal System is built solid and durable, boasting some the strongest load capacities within the industry. They can be used with a variety of surface materials and built to any height you need. The Uptec Pedestal System can even be used on existing projects already in progress, making it easy to level out uneven surfaces. Access to service or maintain whatever lays below the floor is simple and easy access without any demolition required. It is the perfect system for your rooftop needs.

Consider the Uptec Pedestal System by Profilitec for your next outdoor project, whether you’re installing porcelain pavers or stone, laying SilcaGrate or seeking a creative way to disguise electrical and piping systems.

You won’t be disappointed!