Who Should I Get to Build My Deck?

You’ve been dreaming of the ultimate backyard deck for a long time, and it’s now finally time. You’ve decided on shape, size, colours and materials. Now you just have to figure out how to get it built.

When it comes to getting a deck built, you have a few options. Making a choice will usually be determined by your budget, how handy you are, and how much of the load you want to handle yourself.

DIY Deck – Do it Yourself Deck
A deck you’ve built yourself is something you can take pride in each time you kick back on your new deck. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with constructing something yourself; however, building a deck does take some skills, or at least handy friends with skills. Along with know-how, you’ll also need the right tools and plenty of free time. A DIY deck is probably the option with the lowest cost, but you’ll need to invest time, legwork and decision-making. In some areas, you’ll need to apply for a building permit to ensure the project meets building code requirements, which can sometimes be tricky for
those unfamiliar with the process.

Hire a Contractor
Certainly, the easiest option, hiring a contractor, is the most expensive option here. It makes it possible to build your dream deck but leave it in the hands of an experienced team. Not only will they do all the work, but they’ll also make sure it’s done right – the first time. Many contractors will handle building permits if they are required or at least walk you through the process.

A contractor has all the skill, tools, experience and ability to make any deck building project look polished, boosting your property value simultaneously. Some contractors can also help with the extras, like lighting or gas bbq installation on your new deck or even landscaping.

When hiring a contractor, we recommend obtaining quotes from three potential choices. This will help you feel confident about pricing, the work involved and who you want to work with. Make sure they are fully insured, including Workers’ Compensation.

Managed Installation
Managed installation of your deck is a hybrid between doing it yourself and paying a contractor. You may be familiar with managed installation services offered by big box stores. Essentially, they supply the product and take a commission from the installation part of the process. While the stores claim to have vetted their installers, keep in mind that these are 3rd-party contractors. You may find it challenging to escalate issues, and you are stuck with using only the products offered by the store.

Assisted DIY
While enticing your friends with beer & pizza to help build your deck may count as assisted DIY, there is another way. You can hire an experienced contractor to handle the more intricate jobs like stairs or framing while you tackle the heavy lifting and cosmetic work yourself. This great hybrid helps you get the important stuff done perfectly and up to code while you finish the more straightforward tasks like laying your surface materials or installing railings. You’ll save some money and enjoy knowing you played a role in the build.

Whether you build your deck yourself or get professional help, you’ll want to consider the impact of choosing the right materials. Rather than dealing with the regular maintenance and pre-mature replacement of wood decking materials, there are options. For example, products like pedestal systems, metal deck framing and outdoor porcelain tiles will go the extra mile. These innovative materials are easier & faster to install than other methods, require minimal maintenance, and will last a lifetime.

For more information about how these outstanding, durable deck-building materials can make building your deck an easier, faster and cost-effective process, visit Stone Deck Innovations – Canada’s deck life experts or contact us directly.