Why Fall is the Best Time to Build a Deck

While many assume spring is deck-building season, this is a common misconception. There are plenty of reasons to do it in the fall. Here are six great reasons why fall is the best time to build a deck. 

  1. You’ll Save Money – Retailers and other sellers of decking materials clear out inventory in the fall and reduce their overhead. You can find some great sales on decking materials in the fall, with clearance sales offering generous discounts. Not only will you get liquidation pricing, but you’ll also avoid the natural price increase that is bound to happen in the spring. That’s a double win! Want even more savings? Contractors aren’t as busy in the fall and may be more willing to negotiate on pricing. 
  2. Your Deck Will Be Ready for Spring – You know that weird warm day in March? Or that week in April? When you build your deck in the fall, it is ready for you to enjoy at the first opportunity. Waiting until spring can mean waiting until the rainy season has passed and the ground has dried, meaning you may not get to enjoy your deck until June or later. This also frees up time in the spring for landscaping, gardening and other things on your list, including decorating and furnishing your new outdoor living space. 
  3. Reduced Impact on Your Yard – Building your deck in the fall means your plants, grass and flowers won’t get trampled; or it won’t bother you so much, at least. As your yard’s foliage prepares to go dormant for the weather, the wear and tear caused by your deck builders will have less impact. It will all rebound in the spring like nothing ever happened, and you can enjoy its beauty from your new deck.
  4. Fewer Issues – If you’re building a deck with pressure-treated lumber, a deck built during the humid months may have more problems. The wood will dry more slowly during the humid months, and the hot sun can cause it to warp or twist. A wood deck built during the fall will dry in a more even and controlled manner, potentially avoiding a lot of the cupping, twisting and splitting that affects wood decks. 
  5. Contractor Availability – In the spring, it can be difficult to get a contractor. After all, they’re busy building other people’s decks and fences. Most contractors book several months in advance, and sometimes entire seasons ahead. If you join the queue in the spring, you’ll wait a long time for your deck to be built. 
  6. Weather – Not only are contractors easier to get in the fall; they’ll be happier working in the cooler weather. In the spring, the weather can be pretty unpredictable, oscillating between rain, snow and a hint of sunshine. Plus, the mud; there is so much mud in the spring. Fall weather is the perfect deck-building weather with moderate temperatures. 

Why wait until spring? Fall is the perfect time to build a deck. From weather to savings, there really is no downside. If you’re ready to build your dream deck, visit Stone Deck Innovations – Canada’s deck life experts for some great deck ideas that will save you time, money and labour.